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Merrill Lynch

My father passed away 6 weeks ago, and I have gotten nothing but a run-a-round every since. Most of his money was in an IRA, and it takes an act of GOD himself for the family to recieve it.

I am trying to pay the rest of his bills, but his accounts are frozen. And to add to your grief, every time you call you get a new person. You cannot speak to just one person. And every person tells you something differnet.

Different paperwork, different details. So, I would seriously think twice about doing business with them!

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The exact same thing is what we have dealt with as well. But for 6 months. They are horrible!!!

Kansas City, Missouri, United States #799171

I'm giving up and going to have an attorney handle things. ML wants all of MY personal information (income, value of home, total investments, etc.) in order to RECEIVE my mother's estate...

I'm not taking a loan... I'm settling an estate.


Same thing happened to me. Nothing but foot-dragging, have spent many hours over weeks of time trying to settle a straightforward account transition.

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